Ice Cube is a tried and true Los Angeles Lakers fan, and with the NBA Finals tied at one a piece, he had some words of encouragement for skeptics and Boston Celtics fans.

"Let me put that [doubt] to rest," Cube said, in an interview with MTV. "We got the team to win it all this year. Put your money on the Lakers."

Promising a Lakers win, Cube still had some complaints about the recent NBA officiating, claiming the referees were being encouraged to draw out recent playoff series.

"I don't know if they telling them how to ref these games, but it's just ridiculous sometimes when I see these refs making sure that the series is extended," Cube said, contending NBA Commissioner David Stern had instructed the refs to favor losing teams. "Games are leaned towards this team or that team. Every year is the same old dance. Everybody can pick two or three games where you knew the league had their hand in it."

While allowing that the poor refereeing favored both teams thus far in the Finals, Cube continued to state that the Lakers would ultimately overpower the lesser Celtics.

"They can't beat us four times without help either," the gangsta rap legend quipped. "They need help from the refs too. Did you see Game 2, when we played them in the finals that year [2008]? Game 2 was ridiculous. Ridiculous! It's the same thing. It ain't about the series. It's about 'Will it go to Game 6 or Game 7?' That's all the league care about."

Game 3 of the NBA Finals takes place tonight.