Dr. Dre and Ice Cube

Ice Cube has generated a lot of controversy as he pieces together his new record 'I Am the West,' particularly on a track called 'Drink the Kool-Aid' where he airs out a lot of his music industry hatreds. Yet one big relationship on the mend is between Cube and former NWA partner Dr. Dre. In a report from the studio last night, Ice Cube talked about getting it in with the legendary producer, jumping on Dre's 'Detox' and getting Dre to work on his new record.

"I met Dr. Dre in the studio last night," wrote Ice Cube. "When I got there Snoop was in the booth laying the finishing touches on another classic from the dynamic duo. He played me some tracks set for the up and coming 'Detox' record and we talked about me jumping on board the project. Of course I talked about him doing s--- on my record and he said he'd bless the album. The Game came through ready to spit but Dre just wanted every[body] to vibe. It felt like old times when me and Dre would work on s--- in Eazy's cold ass garage."

Apparently, Dre asked Cube if 'Drink the Kool-Aid' was supposed to be a diss towards him. On that track, Cube raps, "I ain't the doctor/ This ain't the patient/ This ain't that n---- always on vacation," but he was careful to explain that those lines weren't a reference to Dre at all.

"He asked me did I diss him during the 'Paid Dues' show last Saturday," Cube said of playing the track in question.. I told Dre that I'd never diss the man that got me started."