If you've heard Ice Cube's latest single 'Drop Girl,' featuring Redfoo from LMFAO and 2 Chainz, you might say it's a slight departure from his usual sound and his hardcore fans agree.

The legendary West Coast spitter hit up his Instagram page to address some of the backlash in a video. He says fans should be a little more patient and put the song into its proper perspective because it's only a single. Cube's album will contain some of the music he's always been known for.

"I want to thank everybody for supporting that new 'Drop Girl' song with my man Redfoo and 2 Chainz," said Cube. "To my hardcore fans, it's only one song. Check this out, when you see your girl dance to this s--- you'll love me again."

For those who haven't heard the song, it's more pop than anything else, and the video is a comedic offering, showing the N.W.A vet as a bobble-headed scientist in a lab.

'Drop Girl' will be on Cube's forthcoming album, 'Everythang's Corrupt.' However, no release date has been announced yet.

Watch Ice Cube's 'Drop Girl' Video Feat. Redfoo & 2 Chainz