Meek Mill claiming Drake doesn't write his own raps and Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift's MTV VMAs stand-off has had the internet on fire over the last 24 hours. Beef always generates heated opinions, leading everyone from big-name stars to forgotten rappers to chime in on the subject.

One rapper who ins't fond of digital beef is Hurricane Chris. The “A Bay Bay” rapper, whose been quiet since his 2009 single “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)," made a surprising appearance on Instagram Wednesday (July 22) when he weighed in on rappers using Twitter to take aim at their foes rather than having a face-to-face confrontation.

“And when n----s start handling their beef on the internet and I got a problem with a n----, I ain’t talking on no mothaf----in' Twitter or Instagram,” Chris states. “I’m gon' come holla at you when I see you!”

Hurricane Chris is all about addressing an issue and moving on. Clearly he has more important things to do than to partake in a Twitter rant about another man. “If you got a problem with it and you want do something, we gon' do that and get back to the business. F--- this dumb s---!” he concludes.

The rhymer’s comments could also be referring to OG Maco's comments about Future’s drug-laden raps. The two threw jabs at each other (Maco on social media; Future in an interview) but ended things peacefully by talking it out. Before they cleared the air verbally, Maco accused Future of “destroying countless lives" as a result of his poor lyrical content.

Aside from the internet wondering where in the world Hurricane Chris has been hiding, he does have a point. But that doesn't mean everyone agrees with his right to voice his opinion. Twitter had a field day bashing him and his career. "Hurricane Chris I would advise u to be quiet like u been since '09," one person tweeted.

Check out Twitter's reaction to Hurricane Chris' PSA below.

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