Nicki Minaj is one of the front-runners for most searched Halloween costume this year and the hip-hop community shouldn't be surprised by her rise to the top of the Google search, with her recent appearance on 'Ellen' and 2011 American Music Awards nominations.

The NY Daily News reports the 'Moment 4 Life' creator's look was entered into the search engine more times than those wanting Charlie Sheen costumes or Captain America get-ups. Only Halloween costume ideas for Playboy Bunny, Black Swan and Angry Birds were searched more than the Queens rapper.

For those wishing to achieve her look, which is full of kaleidoscopic wardrobe choices and wigs of every color in the crayon box, there are sites dedicated to duplicating her image. showcases the Young Money signee's wide range of fashions, which include everything from a Wonder Woman-esque number to a samurai sword-holding Geisha. Then there's, where Nicki Minaj fans can even get ideas for the kinds of jewelry they'd like to add to their Halloween costume -- Barbie chains and necklaces paying homage to her 'Pink Friday' LP among them.

A wild and zany dress or pricey baubles are just a piece to the Nicki Minaj puzzle. Most important is the work of art that will be placed on top of a Minaj wannabe's head. From pink to blonde and even leopard print, there are a slew of wig choices to select from and craftier Barbz can get creative by transforming a hairpiece from a local beauty supply store into a blue-tinged look like the one the rhymer wore to the Betsey Johnson fashion show earlier this year.

Want Minaj's 'Super Bass' face? Her video for the song, featuring simple attire like a white tank top and jean shorts, showcases the animated MC with her signature neon eyeshadow and pink pout. The finishing touch is applying makeup, which one YouTube member has easily explained and demonstrated in a step-by-step tutorial.

And what will hip-hop's leading lady dress up as this Halloween? Check out what she tells The BoomBox here.

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