50 Cent is used to playing in arenas around the world but for his Invitation tour the platinum selling rapper swapped out massive square footage for smaller venues. Unfortunately, the ride hasn't been so smooth, as he failed to pack the house during his latest tour stop at Houston's Arena Theater Saturday (June 12). "[I wanted to]put my toes in the tub before I jumped in," 50 told The BoomBox, of why he chose to perform to less massive crowds.

While in Houston, fans began to slowly trickle in before the end of his set but the numbers were still well below a full house. "This tour is smaller than what I'm used to performing," 50 admits. "It's actually like venues that would've been on my mixtape run. Some of them are really intimate venues, that's why I [keep] changing the show. I'll use a live band to change the production value of the actual show or I'll just completely change the set list every night so it doesn't feel like the same material. An artist that has several multi-million selling records has an opportunity to use all the material off of each one of those albums because everyone's aware of that content. So it allows me to jump from different song to different areas. It's cool. I've actually have a good experience on this tour."

The 19-city tour kicked off at the end of May in Cleveland and will hit major cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami along the way. As he nears the tale end of the one month run, 50, who hasn't hit the stage stateside in three years, revealed that he notices a difference in the audiences abroad. "The U.S. is different, because hip-hop culture is so in your face, people don't make a choice, it's just there. There's hip-hop artists that you might not like, but you know the words to their song because it plays often enough. When I'm in different territories, those guys don't even exist out there. The material hasn't made it to those areas. Now it's different because in the past you could have two different singles, you could have a single playing in the U.S. while you have a single going out there internationally. It's impossible to do this at this point, as soon as your single comes out it's on the Web. They're aware of what you're marketing to the U.S. at the same time. So you might as well just go after the same song."

No doubt the Queen's native has an impressive body of work to choose from with over four albums which have cumulatively sold over 25 million records worldwide. The next stop on the Invitation tour will be Miami on Tuesday (June 14) while the entire run wraps up June 24 in Atlantic City New Jersey.