Highness is a five-piece, all-female band from Chicago and they just delivered a smooth new song that's perfect for the sunny days ahead. Their new single, “Have a Nice Day,” is a ‘90s-inspired tune with soothing vocals and free-spirited lyrics.

Over warm synths and a thumping beat, the ladies sing optimistic lyrics of overcoming daily obstacles in the game of life.

“Everyday single day that I wake up / I’m trying to think of sunny things just to stay up / I pray up, I slip up, get caught down, get tripped up, gotta get up / I gotta stand out, I gotta stand up and get out,” they sing on the chorus.

The quintet, consisting of Ora Nchi, RED, Midore, Loona Dae and Gem Tree, sound great together and their overall harmonies are soothing to the ears.

“Have a Nice Day” is from Highness' upcoming album, Young Taboo, which is due to hit stores this summer. Get involved in their day below.

Listen to Highness' "Have a Nice Day"

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