Actor Heath Ledger was certainly stretching into new territory prior to his gruesome overdose in January 2008. In addition to his final role as The Joker in 'The Dark Knight,' Ledger was working to open a restaurant in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn (it's now thriving) and getting behind the camera for some interesting directorial projects. Since that time, it was rumored that Ledger even directed a rap video for his friend N'FA. Well, the video is real and has just been officially released on iTunes.

The fellow Australian-born rapper originally thought it would be distasteful to officially release the video, which was conceived in Ledger's garage in 2007, but feels enough time has passed and the public deserves to view the actor's colorful vision.

"Friends and his family said it needed to be seen," said N'FA in the Miami New Times. "Heath loved it ... Heath loved the song, and wanted to make a video that artistically married itself to the energy of the track, to indulge listeners and viewers alike."

The video, for a track called 'Cause an Effect,' opens in cryptic black-and-white with a blinking eyeball before turning into a combination that's somewhere between 'Vogue'-era Madonna and 'Batman' with rotating pinwheels in red, black and white. The song is pretty banging and the visuals are legitimately worth a look. It's another unfortunate reason that Ledger's life was cut too short. He could have been the next Hype Williams.