Heath LedgerA music video directed by the late Heath Ledger has recently hit the 'net. Ledger worked on the video for Cause An Effect' by rapper N'fa, an Australian rapper, who was reportedly a close, childhood friend of Ledger.

"Every day I count my blessings that he directed this piece of art," the rapper explained. "It was a song I was proud to have written but I never expected to have such an immense video made for it. I'd known Heath since we were very young and he was always a creative kind of guy and, in many ways, ahead of the curve. When he had the idea about doing this video I had no question about it."

Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on January 22, 2008. His untimely death shocked fans preceded the most celebrated performance of his career. Ledger played Gotham City's deranged Joker in 2008's 'The Dark Knight,' receiving posthumous nominations for Best Supporting Actor the Academy and the Screen Actors Guild.