Since member Prodigy's release from jail in March, Mobb Deep is making a return to their rap roots as a group. While they have just begun to tour together again, among the items on the hip-hop duo's agenda is working on a new album.

"We're working on new music everyday so an album is just more [about] us getting back on the road and bonding again and just clicking," Havoc told the BoomBox. "[Being back on stage] been everything that I expected and more. We've been gone for a long time. The fans wanted to see it, I wanted to see it. I think I was more excited than the fans."

As previously reported, Prodigy revealed that he had written enough material behind bars to fill 20 albums, Havoc has no immediate plans of putting out a solo project. "I always fantasize about [a solo album] so I would be a liar if I said, 'No,'" he reveals. "Most likely I'll spin off and do a project of my own."

Up next, Mobb Deep will perform in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 28. Fans looking forward to hearing cuts off their 'Infamous' LP can score tickets to Rock the Bells, which hits Los Angeles' San Manuel Amphitheater on Aug. 20, San Francisco's Shoreline Amphitheater on Aug.27, New York's Governor's Island on Sept. 3 and Boston on Sept. 10, the venue to be announced at a later date.

Watch Mobb Deep's 'Give It to Me'
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