Around this time last year, Mobb Deep broke up thanks to the forces of Twitter. Well, not really. The two clearly had tension brewing between them that spilled over onto social media when Havoc unleashed a stream of nasty attacks towards Prodigy. Havoc initially tried to claim that his Twitter was hacked, coming up with a convoluted story involving gas stations and cell phones, but nobody was buying it and later on he had to 'fess up.

This year, in the ultimate lesson of "be careful what you wish for," Havoc's Twitter really DID get hacked today. And the results, of course, were far worse. For everybody.

Yesterday Twitter users were subjected to d**k pics from Havoc. His Twitter bio read: "Alcoholic A**hole. I get everyone pregnant and run. I also s**t on everyone who has been there for me." His location was marked as "In someone's ass." Clearly, whoever did this was not one of his biggest admirers.

Needless to say, Twitter decided to suspend the account. Good riddance.