Within Atlanta's thriving music scene exists OG Maco, a newcomer who trades in chain-wearing flourish for destructive spontaneity. The rhymer, born Maco Mattox, will presumably be popping more eardrums today (April 23), on his 23rd birthday.

As Usher and Andre 3000 showed, sometimes you really just need an exclamation to sell a hook. OG Maco sold "U Guessed It" with a series of them, hitting the listener with a deceptive minimalistic riff before the hook's deafening bizarreness. It's primal yelps and asides were instantly memorable; Atlanta had another star.

OG Maco's wild behavior on the mic doesn't mean he isn't at least a little bit altruistic with his music. "U Guessed It" temporarily united all regions in its lunacy. That's one of his goals, according to his interview with XXL.

"I want to unify the s--- one time," OG Maco said. "You look at the game right now, and so many places and so many avenues for everybody to get money. Money is supposed to be at an all-time low, but it seems like at an all-time high the way they printing the s---. When you got this person over here and you see what Chicago just did. Chicago just completely uprise. Even though they aren’t really unified, they have a unified voice and look where it got them. "

The rising MC is working on his own uprise. After releasing four mixtapes and four EPs, he's crafted a new EP with Zaytoven called OG Zay. Experience the project below.

Listen to OG Maco's OG Zay

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