R&B is alive and cats like Miguel -- part hippie, part bedroom mood setter -- are some of the reason. The bohemian hitmaker turns 30 years old today (Oct. 23).

It took a while for Miguel to become himself. All I Want Is You, his debut album, was a decent effort, but there wasn't too much there to suggest that he wasn't more than a composite of ongoing musical trends. Perhaps he was a better supporting artist than a star; he added a velvety touch to Wale's comeback single "Lotus Flower Bomb."

However, Miguel went through a creative revolution through the Art Dealer Chic EPs. By 2012, we had "Adorn," a pulsating signature track that's one of the finest love songs of our time. "Adorn" proved Miguel was a star, and Kaleidoscope Dream is an example of his brilliance.

After such success, RCA Records allowed Miguel more creative control. This would mean more psychedelic rock influences. "Simple Things," which originally debuted on the Girls season three soundtrack, hinted that this is a good thing. Then Wildheart album came out and once again showcased his ability to combine experimental leanings with accessibility.

Back in July, Miguel lit up the Twittersphere by saying that he made "better music" than the still-absent Frank Ocean. It was another example of his confidence, but it's not like he didn't have a point.

Watch Miguel's "Waves" Video

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