The late '90s saw the rise of two New Orleans music entrepreneurs. One is more relevant, but the other is probably less stressed at this point. The former is Master P, who turns 48 today (April 29).

The No Limit Records CEO had the hits coming throughout the '90s. With a roster that included Mystikal, Slikk the Shocker, Soulja Slim, 504 Boyz, Mercedes and his son Lil Romeo, the record label produced multiple albums that achieved RIAA certification. Master P had a few hits himself, going from selling albums from his car trunk to three platinum albums (Ice Cream ManGhetto D and MP da Last Don).

Music is ultimately just a piece of Master P, though. He's more renowned for his entrepreneurship and business acumen. No Limit Records sold nearly 80 million records worldwide, which meant a lot of money came Master P's way thanks to a 80/20 deal with Priority Records that gave him full control of his masters -- a deal that's still unprecedented to this day. Then there are his various other business ventures, including No Limit Clothing and No Limit Films. Some worked more than others (R.I.P. No Limit Sports). With a net worth of $350 million, Master P is one of the richest figures in hip-hop.

It's worth noting that Master P also does philanthropy work, too. For his birthday, he held a candle light remembrance ceremony for children and loved ones who've suffered from violence.

"It is not about me, it’s about letting the kids grow, so many kids are dying young, I come from the ghetto, I changed my life, we are going to use this birthday to bring awareness to kids that have lost their lives due to senseless crimes," Master P said. "We need to stop killing our future, they are blessings, it’s not about getting presents; it’s about making some kids smile that have been through a lot. That’s the best gift for me."

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