Being a Dominican in the Bronx must come with plenty of joys, but there was an extra one in the late aughts. Her name was Kathleen Emperatriz DeLuna, better known as Kat DeLuna. The singer turns 28 years old today (Nov. 17).

The 9 Lives creator is still most known for 2007's "Whine Up," which is an energetic number featuring the always-kinetic Elephant Man. The jam peaked at No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100.

That was DeLuna's only hit in the U.S., and it looked like her career hit a severe roadblock when her debut album failed commercially. While she never returned to her "Whine Up" fame in the States, DeLuna has had a few more songs climb up the charts in Belgium, France andCanada ("Unstoppable" featuring Lil Wayne). She's currently at work on her third album, Viva Out Loud, and dropped her latest single, "Bum Bum" with Trey Songz over the summer.

Watch Kat DeLuna's "Bum Bum" Video Feat. Trey Songz

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