Justine Skye may very well be the next big thing in R&B even though she's really only getting started. The Brooklyn, N.Y. native turns 20 years old today (Aug. 24).

The singer started making a name for herself by showcasing her creativity on Tumblr at the age of 16 and constantly releasing YouTube videos that showcased her talent -- cover songs were her thing. Her voice and purple hair, which has fantasy origins, became definitive.

"My hair is always going to be purple, that’s kind of my thing. It doesn’t matter what length I make it, as long as it’s purple," Skye said to VIBE. "One time I tried bangs and people just weren’t feeling it at all, but it’s my hair. It’s my unicorn mane, and it’s definitely very important to me. It’s also my body, and so I don’t really care about other people’s opinion of it."

Skye's cover of Drake's "Headlines" blew up to over 200,000 views on YouTube, but putting a spin on other artist's songs wasn't the highlight of her talents. Soon she had a record deal and was entertaining fans across the nations with her effervescent, passionate songs. The singer has released two EPs -- Emotionally Unavailable and Everyday Living -- so far with two guest features from Tyga and Vic Mensa. Skye hasn't hit her peak yet (she doesn't have a Billboard hit in the bag), but she's enjoying the process.

“I’m trying to make history,” she in an interview with The Boombox. “I want to be a legend.”

Watch Justine Skye Perform "Collide"


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