The world is filled with injustices, and the fact that we still haven't received a new Jeremih album after "Don't Tell Em" is one of them. But if Def Jam permits, we should be seeing it this year. It's birthday celebration time for now though. Today (July 17) marks Jeremih's 28th birthday.

Jeremih was rocking the bedrooms before he hit the clubs with "Don't Tell Em," his most recent Billboard Top 10 single. He debuted with "Birthday Sex," which featured a video almost as flagrant as the title. Ladies loved it, and the young Chicagoan who played instruments since he was 3 already had a Top 10 hit. Sadly, Jeremiah's self-titled debut LP would fall just under a 100,000 units short of gold.

The album sales marked a trend that would follow Jeremih throughout his entire career: great highs undercut by some failing. He put out a club jam with "Down On Me" and managed to keep guest star 50 Cent on the Billboard charts with it; however, All About You didn't sell to expectations. The Late Nights with Jeremih mixtape, released in 2012, got critical praise, but it was a slept-on effort.

"Don't Tell Em" ended up becoming the epitome of his trouble. The bubbly single, which features a cocky and still-hot YG, is arguably his best song. Jeremih didn't capitalize, though. A video didn't materialize and the singer's personal issues (including a custody battle, according to a Billboard profile) stopped him from fully pushing that single and album.

However, a takeaway from all of this is that Jeremih knows how to make hits. He has another one in the J. Cole-featured "Planes," his latest.

Watch Jeremih's "Planes" Video Feat. J. Cole

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