These days, fans are getting used to seeing veteran singers get back into the spotlight in their late 40s and early 50s. But who'll age gracefully? Well, Jennifer Lopez is one who has. The Bronx-born superstar is still golden at the age of 46 today (July 24).

Lopez is the most well-known alumni of In Living Color's Fly Girl dancing troupe. She started getting into acting before breaking out as a star, appearing in films like My Family, Money Train (which also starred White Men Can't Jump co-stars Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes) and the Robin Williams film Jack. Her biggest roles during her pre-music period were playing in the Selena biopic and a major role in the George Clooney-starring Out of Sight.

The Lopez splash came in 1999, when she dropped her first single, "If You Had My Love." The song became a No. 1 Billboard hit and it, along with the On the 6 cut "Waiting for Tonight," established the Latino-flavored dance songs that would rule the early part of next decade. It was five years filled with Murder Inc. collaborations, sensual videos and platinum hits.

Like most, Lopez's career hit dry points and the wrong side of tabloids. The latter was mainly because of soured relationships. Her relationship with Diddy broke down following a shooting outside a Times Square nightclub (the one that got Shyne hit with that prison sentence). Lopez and Ben Affleck, "Bennifer," saw their relationship dissolve after the failure of Gigli -- a box office bomb with a justified place in one of the worst movies ever lists -- and her relationship with Latin singer Marc Anthony ended in divorce in 2014. The hits stopped coming, too; 2007 through 2010 were devoid of Lopez's dominance.

So she decided to embrace EDM and the trends. She teamed up with hitmaker extraordinaire Pitbull for "On the Floor," her first top 10 hit since 2003's "All I Have." On her last album, A.K.A., she teamed up with French Montana for "I Luh Ya Papi" and more notably linked with Iggy Azalea for "Booty," a celebration of her still-majestic posterior. The latter was a Top 20 hit, and just like that, J. Lo was here like she never left.

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