From up in Rockland County, N.Y. comes Bishop Nehru, a rhymer who earned a Nas co-sign and toured with the Wu-Tang Clan before reaching the age of consent. Nehru, born Markel Scott, turns 19 years old today (Aug. 26).

Nehru, who gets his stage name from Tupac Shakur's character in Juice and the former prime minister of India, was making hip-hop instrumentals since he was 13 and was touted as one of New York's upcoming talents. He was a prodigy; his perspective was undeveloped, but his flow was sharp and his raps meshed well over dusted Old New York beats. Before he signed with Mass Appeal Recprds, he was one of the rhymers tasked with bringing the city back when his debut mixtape, Nehruvia, and strictlyFLOWz brought the hype.

Kendrick Lamar and Nas' co-signs got more people to pay attention to Nehru, bron Markel Scott, but many more turned their heads when it was announced that he was going to link up with the infamously reclusive MF DOOM for a collaboration project. DOOM didn't even live in the United States.

Like Madvillainy 2, people feared that project would never come out. It did, though; NehruvianDOOM came with Nehru playing the lead man and DOOM assuming the backup role.

The rising rapper has not released a project since, but he should be fine with Mass Appeal and hip-hop OGs backing him. Also, he's only 19, so there's much more in store for him.

Watch Bishop Nehru's "User$" Video

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