Over the weekend, news spread that GZA and his manager were creating a new show for FX about their experiences in the music industry. Reports said the show would touch on an existential aging rapper and younger white manager trying to keep him afloat. We at The BoomBox hit up GZA's camp to get the scoop on what exactly is going on with the deal and how far along it is.

"The show is in development for FX," his manager Heathcliff Berru said. "It's not an actual series yet."

There was a bit of confusion with the original story, which speculated that GZA would star in the series. The story line will be based loosely on their experiences with the industry, but GZA is not acting in the show, and the character, while sharing maybe a few qualities with the iconic Wu-Tang rapper, will be an entirely different beast altogether.

"The idea was inspired by our experiences in the music industry but the characters will be fictional," Berru says. "The rapper will not actually have anything to do with GZA. He will be a representation of a rap legend but not actually based on GZA's experiences. More like our observations of the industry."

Either way, we think the idea sounds hilarious and hope that things can move from development to an actual pilot of the program.

Watch GZA's 'Knock, Knock'
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