Between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy's beef at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, where gunshots were allegedly fired, and Game getting booted from Lil Wayne's birthday party for reportedly punching rapper 211, this was not the Stop the Violence Movement's most successful weekend.

Adding to the fracas, Ross' protege Gunplay apparently instigated a brawl with 50 Cent and his security detail. Gunplay was ultimately pepper sprayed and led from the awards in handcuffs by Atlanta police.

Though Gunplay would not confirm the reports that shots were fired during the melee, he explained that he fought off five of 50's security guards, while attempting to "break his little fucking neck."

"I don't know nothing about no shots fired, I'm a be totally honest with you, but all I know, I had to fight off five dudes," the MMG rapper explained. "I never liked [50], I've always wanted to kick his ass. I finally got the opportunity to get close to him, he was hiding behind all his security. I couldn't get to him."

Gun continued to say that he fought off the security "refrigerators," and then made a bunch of jungle kingdom-based analogies.

"He walks up to me with about eight donkeys and he nodded to one of the donkeys set it off and we rumbled," he said. "I stood up in the paint like a real G supposed to when five bodyguards that's trained to kill a human with one finger ... They like refrigerators and shit like that. I caught one of the refrigerators though, like a lion on a wildebeest."

Though he lost his diamond-studded MMG chain, Gunplay did not suffer any injuries, and was not charged.

"We just goin' at it with everybody. Let's go kill 'em all," he said about the various BET Awards incidents involving his crew. "If you're playin' with me, you're playin' with fire. Might get gunned down, ya never know."


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