Fashion is an essential aspect of an entertainer's artistic package. Just like their music is analyzed, so is the way hip-hop and R&B stars dress. Whether it's red carpet attire or casual wear, there's always a wardrobe component to ogle over.

In this guessing game, The BoomBox gives you three hints about the singer pictured in these cream-colored Christian Louboutins above. Then click the button below to find out if your pop culture knowledge is on point.

-- This R&B singer came out with her self-titled debut album in 1994. She has five LPs to her name and is prepping the release of a sixth project this year.

-- She starred in a 1997 television movie inspired by an original Disney classic.

-- The California native recently joined forces with another R&B chanteuse to release a new song that focuses on female empowerment.

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