Fashion is an essential aspect of an entertainer's artistic package. Just like their music is analyzed, so is the way hip-hop and R&B stars dress. Whether it's red carpet attire or casual wear, there's always a wardrobe component to ogle over.

In this guessing game, The BoomBox gives you three hints about the rapper pictured in these hot pink heels above. Then click the button below to find out if your pop culture knowledge is on point.

-- This rapper is of Ethiopian descent, which is where her birthname stems from. Her first name means "fruit of heaven" while her last name means "angel."

-- She is a former video vixen, having starred in the visuals for rappers like 50 Cent, Wale, Ludacris and Young Jeezy, among others.

-- She currently appears on 'The Code,' a song featured on one Pittsburgh rapper's new mixtape.

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