Before they were famous, celebrities posed for high school yearbook photos just like their fans. At times, the finished portraits are a mix of awkward and outrageous -- back then, there were no hair or makeup teams making celebs so fresh and so clean for the camera.

In this guessing game, The BoomBox gives you three hints about the singer pictured, then click the button below and see if your pop culture knowledge is on point.

-- This Terrell, Texas native dreamed of playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and was a standout player on his high school football team before studying classical music in college.

-- In the 11 years separating his first and second albums, which reached No. 78 and No. 1, respectively, he was known more for his comedic acting than his singing.

-- He's halfway to an EGOT -- Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony -- having won a Grammy for a collaboration with T-Pain and an Oscar for portraying an R&B legend.

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