After months of back-to-back run-ins with the law, Gucci Mane has finally caught a break. The Atlanta native's current prison sentence, stemming from parole violation charges, has been decreased and he will be released from jail next month.

According to, Gucci's lawyers convinced the judge in his case to decrease his sentence by more than a year, which occurred during his appearance in a Fulton County courtroom yesterday (May 9). While there was no reason given behind the shorter sentence, Gucci's lawyer, Mark Issa, confirmed the news to the website.

The 31-year-old was apprehended in April on battery and parole violation charges, after he was accused of pushing a 36-year-old woman out of a moving vehicle. As previously reported, Gucci allegedly offered the woman $150 in exchange for an apparent sexual encounter and pushed her out of the car when she refused.

Ironically, this time last year the rapper completed a nine month prison sentence, and assured the public that he was through getting in trouble with the law. He has since been arrested on numerous occasions, and at one point, was believed to be in rehab for a rumored drug addiction.

Gucci is expected to be released at the end of June.

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