Shortly after Gucci Mane's three-day Twitter rampage turned especially ugly last night (Sept. 9), his brother stepped forward with the claim that the Atlanta rapper's account was hacked.

Gucci's brother, who uses the name Young Throwback, tweeted that the Brick Squad rapper's account had been compromised by someone who is trying to "sabotage" him and that god knows the truth. He then added that he doesn't know if it's a "mad artist or ex-girl friend [sic]," but these (or "dz") "folks [are] evil."

While this is all speculative at this point, it should be noted that the first tweet about the sabotaging and hacking was in fact retweeted from Gucci Mane's account. Could this be an acknowledgement of wrongdoing on a hacker's part? Hopefully we get some clarity on this whole situation soon.