Incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane has announced that he will be holding a press conference immediately following his release from Fulton County Jail in Georgia tomorrow, May 11, at 12:01AM.

The popular Atlanta rapper has been at the center of several scandals during the past year while he was locked up for violating his probation. Gucci is expected to discuss his recent decision to part ways with his management company, Mizay Entertainment, as well as his booking agency, Hitt Afta Hitt -- both of which are at the center of several lawsuits for booking concert dates that the rapper was unable to attend, due to his looming jail sentence, and then pocketing the deposits.Mizay Ent. boss Debra Antney, who is the mother of Gucci protege Waka Flocka Flame, claims that any wrongdoing regarding Gucci's bookings falls on Hitt Afta Hitt owner Johnnie Cabbell, who allegedly booked the dates. In a recent interview she attacked the supposed booking agent, while wishing Gucci, and Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj, who also recently severed ties with Antney, continued success.

"Johnnie Cabbell, I stood there with your raggedy a--. I didn't fall down," Antney said. "I tried to back you. I tried keep it 100 with you, but now, you go online and you talk that s--t like you didn't do nothin'. N---a, I don't book shows. Money don't come to me first. I'm not thirsty for money like that."

Meanwhile, Cabbell has denied responsibility for the false bookings, and claims that he is still the official booking agent for Gucci and Minaj.

"While it is being widely reported that my booking agency Hitt Afta Hitt is no longer working with Gucci Mane, I have yet to receive any type of correspondence from Gucci, the label or anyone else that supports that," said Cabbelll. "I have known and worked with Gucci for over a decade. I have seen his career grow from being a local phenomenon into a household name and I feel like I helped play a minor role in his success."

This press conference should be a pretty good time.