Gucci Mane recently discussed the effect that his latest stint in prison had on his psyche. "It's strange to go from being locked up to a month later everyone saying, 'Gucci, let's party!'" he told the L.A. Times. "But I lost so much in there that I came out with a much sharper focus....I know this is serious now and I have a lot to get off my chest. This record is painful and gothic and epic, but it's the soundtrack of my past." Incidentally, painful, gothic and epic also describes what I look for in a relationship. Burrr!!! [LAT]

The Situation defended the "love tap" he handed out to Snookie on this past week's episode of 'Jersey Shore,' "Snooki sometimes drinks a little too much. She is unaware of her surroundings and unaware of what's going on....I really wanted to try and keep an eye on her and not necessarily slap some sense into her, but let her know, 'Hey, you can't be here by yourself. You're a little girl, and the whole group was leaving.' It was a little love tap....It's not like I did a full smack, a hard smack. It was a little tap to her cheek. Like, 'Wake up, you're going to get hurt.' And if you care for somebody, that is definitely acceptable, because you're looking out for somebody." Sure, similar to the way you might give your kids a little love tapper if they're late for school, or love tap someone who cut you off in traffic, cause you're looking out for them. [MTV]