It's a new week, so there must be another rapper taking shots at Jay-Z. This time around it's the ATL's prodigal son Gucci Mane. On his brand new 'Gucci Mane Movie 3: The Burrprint Mixtape,' the rapper wastes no time questioning Jay-Z's self-proclaimed (and widely accepted) status as the 'Greatest Rapper Alive.'

"First question: Jay-Z is the greatest rapper alive?" asks Gucci. "Survey says: that's a lie. Gucci Mane is not the hottest rapper in Atlanta? Survey says: that's a lie."

This seems like of one of those analogy questions on the SAT where you have to name the one thing that totally doesn't relate to the others. He thinks Jay-Z isn't the greatest and doesn't like that people have said he's not the hottest thing in his own city. Convoluted point taken, I guess.

It seems this entire episode stems from MTV's still-simmering 'Hottest MCs in the Game' list, where Gucci Mane was ranked number six to Jay-Z's number one.

The other day, Lil Wayne spoke with Tim Westwood about the rankings and had his own take on Gucci's spot. "Eminem [is not on the list]?" he questioned. "Who else is on the list? Gucci who? Gucci Mane was on the list and Eminem wasn't on it? [laughs] Shout-out to my n---- Gucci. Who's number one? Jay-Z? That's cool. That's cool."

I only bring this up, because of what probably what Jay-Z will say in response. Gucci who? Gucci what?