Gucci Mane visited Angela Yee at Shade 45 and said he's dropped "4 or 5 million dollars" since his release from prison last month. "I ain't been out but 3 weeks, I probably spent like 4 or 5 million dollars. I feel like I'm the s--t!" Gucci exclaimed. "Ferraris. Godd-mn million dollar chains and watches and s--t and houses in Miami, I been locked up! You know how it is..." Yes. [TeamYee]

Stephen Moyer, the guy who plays Bill Compton on 'True Blood' knows a thing or two about vampire sex. "Unlike werewolves, who are very hot, vampires are steely cold, so sex with the undead isn't going to get hot and crispy. There's no heartbeat, no adrenaline rush as you get close to the moment. But in terms of speed and timing, you may be able to have sex that lasts for days. Vampire sex is muscular and physical, so it could be tiring for a human guy to have sex with a female vampire." Oh, is that so? [Playboy]