Rapper Gucci Mane is arguably the hottest artist in the south, but that doesn't mean he's welcome in Albany, Ga. "I'm appalled...what do you need from me to keep this "entertainer" from performing at Albany's Civic Center?" City Commissioner Bob Langstaff wrote in an email to local officials, regarding Gucci's scheduled performance on Aug. 29.

The concert has been booked by promoter Gilbert Udoto, who was approached by city officials, hoping to draw attention to the new civic center. "It's big. We haven't had an artist of this magnitude in a long time," Udoto told the local news. "They talk about the Civic Center. You know we have not brought any acts here. Now we have an act that can sell tickets and now this is what we get."

Langstaff countered in his email, referencing Gucci lyrics he found online, stating "This is not appropriate for our civic center."

Although the rapper's lyrics may be hardcore at times, the "local politicians vs rappers over lyrical content" fight seems a bit dated at this point. "[He's] no different from other artists," Udoto argued. "It's played on the radio all over. He's the hottest artist."

Udoto has spent $40,000 to bring Gucci to Albany, so in all likelihood, the show will go on. Langstaff has called for a special meeting of city officials to discuss policy guidelines for future performers.

What's the deal with local politicians attempting to shut down rap shows all of a sudden?