Gucci Mane may be in jail but he’s still keeping busy. Outside of dropping mixtapes, the Atlanta rhymer has partnered with XXL magazine to write an advice column. That’s right. The Trap God wants to offer some sagely advice to his fans.

If you want to send some questions to Gucci, forward your questions to along with your first name and city with the subject line "Ask Gucci." Hopefully, the “Lemonade” rapper will be able to steer you in the right direction.

For his first installment, Guwop answers questions about love and business, among other things.

A fan named Roger from Queens asks the Atlanta rhymer if he should keep it real with his 35-year-old aspiring rapper friend who is "below average on the mic." "Would it be right of me to tell him to quit rapping since his friends are afraid to do so?"

Gucci responds with giving him facts about his own career. "I am a 35-year-old rapper myself and I am at the best stage in my career and I think though your friend may not be a great rapper, if he is a great hustler and promoter, he still can find success," Guwop answers. "So let him pursue his dreams. Who is he hurting by trying to do something he finds is fun and he is passionate about?"

A young woman named Sidney taps Gucci's think tank to find out how she should deal with a long distance relationship that is being derailed due to financial reasons.

His advice? "Me and my girl stay in different cities and it provides a constant spark in our relationship," Gucci replies. "So focus on what you all have going good and work from that perspective. If money is the issue then you all have to find out what’s more important: being happy or being financially secure.

Find out what he thinks should happen when business gets in the way of friendship and more in his advice column for XXL here.

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