When Gucci Mane released his new free album, 'Diary of a Trap God,' just days after going on a destructive Twitter rant, during which he burned almost every bridge he had built in the industry, no one would blame you for calling his actions an elaborate promotional stunt.

But according to a series of tweets made last night, Guwop's recent erratic behavior, which has also seen him get into a public fist fight and get arrested for cussing out cops while in possession of a weapon and drugs, is the result of a serious drug problem.

Returning to Twitter after an 11-day hiatus yesterday, the Brick Squad bully apologized for his actions and admitted to being addicted to lean -- a habit that has left him "barely" able to remember his actions and words. Furthermore, Gucci announced his plan to check to into rehab once he's released from jail.

Interestingly enough, of all the artists, labels and journalists he insulted during the aforementioned Twitter rampage, the rapper only publicly apologized to Birdman, Rick Ross, Drake and model/actress Keyshia Dior.

Having previously claimed his ex-manager hacked his account, it remains to be seen whether these tweets -- which are noticeably more coherent -- were from Big Guwop himself.