Gucci Mane and Young Thug dropped the video for their Mike Will Made-It and Zaytoven-produced hot summer single, "Guwop Home." With fans awaiting the release of Gucci's new album Everybody Looking, which drops July 22nd, this video is just the start of what he's got in store.

Because Gucci is on house arrest, all the filming for this video was done at his ATL mansion--and it looks like they had no trouble working under such not-at-all difficult circumstances. The nearly four-minute video features Gucci and Thugger partying by the pool and around the house with a wide array of voluptuous women during the day, leading into the night time where the ladies compete in a friendly, and (of course) overtly-sexual soccer game.

The song starts off with Thugga and Gucci both on the hook.

"Dream, it's a young n---- dream, yeah," Thug begins. "Money tall like I'm Charlie Sheen, yeah (Wop). I'm a blood but I got on blue jeans. N---- act so tough and startin' a scene."

Gucci follows reminding everyone of the life he lives--in case you were wondering, it involves lots of strip clubs and money. "In Blue Flame, I'm the trap god. Throwing green rain. Nice guy, mean chain. Pull up in a cream Range. Orange seats, orange feet. What do all that orange mean? Old rich ass n---- I got everything."

Along with the new video, Young Thug is also making waves as the star of a new Calvin Klein campaign that features the rhymer wearing womenswear. Thugger relayed that he “don’t feel like there’s no such thing as gender.” The 24-year-old also said that what you wear doesn’t change your credibility. “You can be a gangsta in a dress or you can be a gangsta in baggy pants.”

“Guwop Home” is the first song off of Everybody Looking; the 14-track album includes features from Drake and Kanye West.

Listen and view the full video for “Guwop Home” above.

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