Gucci Mane just released his new video for the song "Money Machine," featuring Rick Ross, off his upcoming Woptober project, which will be his tenth studio album.

In the clip, Gucci surrounds himself with more cash than your eyes can keep up with, and he maintains that concept throughout. At first, he drops money from an indoor balcony. Then he has a bevy of lovely ladies counting his dough while sitting at a dining room table. Plus, he has a butler walking around his mansion carrying stacks of cash on a serving tray. The whole video is extremely over-the-top, to say the least.

The Atlanta rhymer successfully pulls off multiple looks, including a sparkly purple and gold shirt with a bow-tie, a black blazer with butterflies on it and a sequined white sweater with giant gold cross on the chest.

Gucci's verses in the song are also filled with big money talk and plenty of high-end living.

"Florescent lamps in my crib, providing life for my seeds / I'ma get money marine, I sent coke in some marines / Irrigation machines, hydraulic water machines / My money counting machine like a sewing machine," he spits.

Later, Rick Ross appears in the clip, sporting fur, plenty of gold and his signature dark shades.

"I am eight figure n----, I run the check to the ceiling / Since Gucci came home, n---- back in they feelings / I'm in Dubai on parole, I Abu Dhabi my h---- / If she f---- all the rappers, she say hip-hop in her soul," Rozay rhymed.

Woptober will hit shelves and streaming platforms on Oct. 17, but for now you can check out the video above.

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