One of the rare up-and-comers who prefers quality over quantity, you'd normally you'd expect to hear from GrandeMarshall when he's prepping a project (like April's 'Mugga Man,' which was his first since signing to A-Trak's Fool's Gold Records). But today the Philly rapper-to-watch f--ks around and drops a new loosie called 'Burnin' Rubber Freestyle.'

This track doesn't exactly warrant the proper single roll-out like the artwork suggests, but it does capture that lazy confidence and almost sinister energy that's won him over a growing fan base and the ears of rap tastemakers so far. When he claims, "It must be a full-moon tonight, I'm f--king your b---h," you actually feel like checking your girl's Facebook activity.

Stream 'Burnin' Rubber Freestyle' below and download the track here.