So you're chillin' at home with company and you want to play a board game like Backgammon -- the only problem is you don't have any dice. Last time you had people over, someone pocketed them, never to return again. Don't fret, Google's got your back. The popular search engine has added two new functions to its search tool: rolling a die and flipping a coin.

Simply enter into Google's search bar "roll a die" or "roll dice" and a dice image will appear. Click "Roll it" and take your chances. Unfortunately, you only get one six-sided die. It would be cool if Google could tweak it and have three dice in their search query so that we could play Cee-lo.

As for the coin function, simply enter "flip coin" or "flip a coin" and a coin image will appear. Click "Flip it" and watch the coin spin before it lands on heads or tails. Pretty cool, huh?

Both of these new functions are available on the desktop and mobile devices. Good luck.