Goodie Mob can be considered influential forefathers and peers to many of Atlanta's great acts such as Outkast and T.I., yet in recent years its members have taken very different paths to maturity. While the group's big gun Cee-Lo continues on a successful solo career and gained widespread attention a few years ago for his Gnarls Barkley collaboration with Danger Mouse, Khujo Goodie has been buried in rumors that he's on his way to prison. Now, it's all but completely confirmed that the Goodie Mob member will be behind bars for the next two years.

"I wanna send out nothing but love to my folk Khujo," said Dungeon Family member Big Rube. "He didn't deserve no damn 2 years. To Khujo the realest G I've ever met."

This seems to halt any possibility of a legitimate Goodie Mob reunion for the near future, but other information about Khujo's arrest, charges and trial are scant at this time. Big Boi, for his part, seemed to confirm the rumors by yelling "Free Khujo Goodie" during an appearance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last week.

While certainly bad news, Khujo is definitely set to make some new fans through his feature on the track 'Tangerine' off of Big Boi's 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty' that also has a verse from T.I.

In addition to the statements from Rube and Big Boi, a Twitter account claiming to be Cee-Lo posted a message saying that Lo would eschew any rapping until his bandmate is free. While none of these rumors are totally confirmed yet, the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong. Props to Hip-Hop DX for the heads-up.