Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj isn't afraid of addressing her "haters," but now another peer is speaking up. In an interview with rapper/model Gloria Velez, the former Murda Mami described Minaj as a "gimmick" who simply had the "right team behind her."

"Nicki Minaj, you know like, you can't say [she's] hot because she's the only one out, she's just there. It's a gimmick," Velez explained, adding that Lil Wayne's Cash Money is the driving force behind her career. "If anybody else had put her out, or she was by herself, it wouldn't have popped off at all. No matter how much plastic surgery or injections in the butt."

Velez went on to say that she doesn't particularly enjoy Minaj's music, either. "I don't like her music, sorry. I think she's a gimmick, I think it's real whack, her lyrics, garbage. It's cute and catchy, but it's not hot to me. Some of it don't even make sense, like what is that? She's batting her eyes the whole time on stage. That's not a performance mama!"

Velez, who once had a Cash Money deal of her own, ultimately admitted that she'd probably make the same career choices, if given the opportunity, though she criticized Minaj for her posturing.

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