With Ginuwine's seventh album 'Elgin' currently reaching the masses, the veteran R&B singer doesn't see many artists with the passion he has for music -- except for one.

"Chris Brown. I see it in him," Ginuwine tells The BoomBox. Brown has continued the tradition of incorporating dance to his music, much like Ginuwine had. In Ginuwine's early days, he says his goal was to be a combination of Michael Jackson and Prince. While the dancing portion of his career isn't his main priority, Ginuwine feels that Brown has carried the torch, and all controversies aside, should be given a chance to shine.

"He deserves a second chance," Ginuwine explains, referencing Brown's 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna. "He was a kid and he made a mistake. Who doesn't make mistakes? I'm sure he's learned from his mistakes and wants to move forward. He was totally wrong, but it was a mistake. As long as he don't do it again, I just think we should give him another chance." Ginuwine agrees though that the past didn't harm Brown too much. "He's doing really well still; has no. 1 songs, so he's building it back up which is really important. You must fight, you can't lay back down."

Ginuwine says his own lack of public exposure is due to keeping a low profile for his family's sake. "I'm a father and a husband now. I don't need my kids nor my wife going through that craziness or embarrassment," he says. "I try to keep it as low key as much as I possibly can." There are some repercussions though.

"Unfortunately when you're not out there like that people tend to forget about you or think you're not interesting," Ginuwine admits. "With all of this craziness on the TV now, the more of a fool you act, the better it is. I'm just not that person."

Watch Ginuwine's 'Heaven'

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