With an R&B album entitled 'Wizard of Poetry' on the horizon, Ghostface waxed lyrical to MTV yesterday about his various R&B appearances and aspirations. He's worked with everybody from Ne-Yo and Keyshia Cole to Jaheim, but certain collaborations in particular stand out to Ghost.

"We smashed that ['Freek'n You' remix] out in two or three hours," Ghost said of a recording session with Jodeci. "They was drinking that red shot, some red liquor. [Jodeci] was in there singing, doing their own parts. Me and [Raekwon] was in there sitting down writing our part. Then Rae went in and did his part. I laid mine after Rae. That's when our pens were going off fast and did what it did. Connected the dots. [Jodeci] were some good brothers. They was drunk, but they were doing it like it was nothing."

Ghost also made the claim that there's one collaborator with whom he'd record an entire album of duets, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell-style, if he had his way; the "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul," Mary J. Blige.

"We got the ill chemistry together," Ghost explained. "I love Mary. I hope one day we could ... get together and just make an ill classic. Some Peaches & Herb. We just hop in real quick. Just one go-round, a one-off. That's just fly."

Ghost continued, describing his appearance on Mary J's "Your Child" remix, "That was when we was in Cali at that time...I remember Mary wanted me to do that for her real quick. I did two of them [verses]. The other verse wasn't all right. I think [the verse that made the song] might have been eight bars. Those were the days. I was stuck a little bit."

While we always expected Mary to do a 'Best of Both Worlds' type project with Jay (before he went MGMT and Kid Cudi on us), with Ghost, anything's possible.

Look out for 'Wizard of Poetry' in the fall, featuring duets (what else?) with Raheem DeVaughn, John Legend, Estelle and a rumored appearance by Queen Mary J.