In a recent interview with XXL, Ghostface announced that his longstanding beef with 50 Cent is officially over. The feud stemmed from 50's infamous 1999 name-calling 'How to Rob' (which nearly destroyed his career), which then led to a skit on Ghost's classic 'Supreme Clientele,' where the Wu-Tang OG threatened to send "500 wolves on I said, 50, you a bird, and n----s gonna see you."

Since then, there have been rumored altercations and a couple public disses (ie 50 told Spin magazine in 2007 that Ghost wasn't worth beefing with, and Tony Yayo claimed Ghost didn't write 'Supreme Clientele'), but the beef just simmered it neither boiled over or went cold.

Recently, while promoting his upcoming album, 'Wizard of Poetry,' Ghost did an interview with 50's website,, surprising many. "That's some old-school s---," Ghost said of the beef, when asked by XXL. "Back then, things were all snowballed in the air on some other s---. I didn't like what he said, that's where it all started from anyway. But we kicked it on the phone one time, and after we kicked it on the phone that was it."

"I ain't really trying to hold no grudge f---ing 30 years later after he done said whatever the f--- he done said," the Iron Man continued. "So it was like whatever."

Not only is the beef over, Ghostface even went so far as to hint that a collaboration with 50 could be in the works. "It's whatever God wills," Ghost said. "At the end of the day we're still people just trying to get ahead. It's like you're having a fight with a muthaf---er 10 years ago... you can either keep the grudge or be like 'yo wattup' and just let it go and s---, it's like what the f--- I'm holding on to it for. I respect all these n----s. As long as you respect me, I'm a respect you."

'The Wizard of Poetry' is in stores Sept. 29. Rap is like ziti.