Just on the heels of announcing two new features for his forthcoming 'R.E.D. Nation' album, rapper Game became the victim of an Internet hacker Friday (June 3).

The Compton native's Twitter page revealed a series of posts lashing out at some of his musical peers including Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, revealing his sexual preference and a few other colorfully worded tweets. "im [sic] gay as hell," read the fake post. "I like boys."

After proclaiming that Ja Rule was "saved" from being "butt f----ed" by 50 Cent, and calling Snoop and Dre a homophobic slur, the hacker also gloated about breaking into Game's account, "hack smack crack black click clack boom mother-----rs," read another post.


Within an hour, Game erased the fraudulent tweets, which were sure to have left some of his over 500,000 followers scratching their heads. "Gimme MY TWITTER back b----," he wrote. "Nice try mothaf---as. Hope it was fun while it lasted."

Game is not the only rapper to have fallen victim to Twitter hackers. Wale, Lil Wayne and Ja Rule have all had their accounts hacked by unknown Internet thugs sending out fraudulent information on their behalf.

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