Compton rapper Game has bragged about his collection of cars in the past, but he's one whip down. The West Coast spitter has revealed that his Chevy Corvette was repossessed several days ago after he was unable to return the car to the dealer.

According to TMZ, Game explained that he leased the vehicle three years ago but was on tour when the lease expired. Since then, he has been unable to find the time in his schedule to return it. Repo men arrived at his home to take back the car, during which Game was described as "cooperative."

He later explained what went down. "I don't know what's up with that. The thing about it was the lease was up. I went home to give them the car back. I can't just let anybody in my house, fool. You've gotta wait until I come home. The homies was at the crib, and they was like, 'Some people here to pick up your 'Vet, the lease is up,'' he said. "I had the Corvette for like, three years. I only drove it, it only had like 400 miles on it. I have so many whips."

Game was recently in trouble with the L.A. law after he balked on payments for jewelry that he commissioned three years ago and never paid off. He was ordered to shell out almost $91,000 to the company.

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