Compton rapper Game is dropping the mic and picking the proverbial pen to document the making of his 'R.E.D. Album.'

"With my book, 'The Making of Game's The R.E.D. Album,' I wanted to give my fans a behind-the-scenes look of how my new album came to be," Game says. Music journalist Soren Baker -- who has previously worked as an editor at The Source magazine -- worked alongside the 'Good Girls Go Bad' rapper to craft the project.

"These are my stories in my own words," Game says. "This book is the only place where you'll learn all the stories behind the music - how I got the beats, what inspired my lyrics and how the album was put together."

The book will feature memories and anecdotes from Game as well as his collaboration with the likes of Rick Ross and Pharrell Williams. The book will also touch on Game's work with Dr. Dre, why Dre let Game use their track, 'Drug Test,' instead of putting it on 'Detox' and the true story behind their controversial, violence-tinged track, 'Red Nation.'

The book is currently available as a digital copy on and but will be out in print and on audio soon. Will it be as successful as rapper-author tomes Jay-Z's 'Decoded' and RZA's 'The Tao of Wu?'

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