The Game might boast about his lavish lifestyle, but all that glitters ain't necessarily gold. A Los Angeles judge has ordered the rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, to settle his $90,999 debt to jewelry company Lemmerman's Inc., who claims that the Compton native balked on payments for bling that he had commissioned over three years ago.

The order stems from an outstanding debt first made public in a complaint filed last year. The original filing asserted that Game received a 14k white gold chain with white stones and a 14k yellow gold chain with yellow stones for $15,000 apiece; a diamond stud for $4,000; a 14k white gold and a 14k yellow gold 5-row bracelet for $17,500 apiece; and two other golditems for $30,000.

The overall debt amounts to $99,000, but Lemmerman's claims that Game did manage to pay off some of his debt some years back. Since then, Game has refused payment on the items and now must tack on additional interest fees.

Troubles aside, Game has been on a roll since the release of his January double-CD mixtape 'Purp & Patron,' which has racked up more than one million downloads since its release. A week later Game released the sequel, 'Purp & Patron: The Hangover.' The MC previously told The BoomBox that his long-awaited 'R.E.D. Album' will drop later this year.

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