Game's excitement knows no bounds. The California rapper, whose last two albums had no involvement from Dr. Dre, though he dedicated 'Doctor's Advocate' to his "mentor," has finally managed to get back in Dre's favor, securing him as a producer for his upcoming 'R.E.D. Album.'

Game recently announced the rest of the production lineup, and as usual, it's top shelf. Along with Dre, he claims to have beats by Just Blaze, Cool & Dre and face of the Neptunes, Pharrell. "This s--- aint nothing to play with," Game said about the album's progress. "I'm in the studio with Dre [and] I've been in [the studio] with Pharrell. Pharrell don't work with nobody dog, except N.E.R.D. and Clipse. Me and him been getting it in. I never had no idea that me and Pharrell would bond and click this well." The Compton rapper added that Pharrell is his new favorite producer, after having cranked out nine songs in their first few days of recording. "I have a whole 'nother respect for him ... He is now my favorite producer in the world and is also a friend of mine."

According to Game, Pharrell and Dre will share Executive Producer duties for the 'R.E.D. Album.' "Dre is a perfectionist so it always takes longer than you expect," Game explained. "Sometimes he be dragging his feet, but you can't be mad at him, because the outcome is always 100% classic. He still got people waiting on 'Detox' ten years after 'Chronic 2001' was dropped. But he's the father of my career. He gave me, 50, Eminem, Tupac and Snoop all right. And all of us are millionaires and rappers that are potent in hip-hop because of this man and his music and what he does with his fingers."

The last piece to the puzzle, according to Game, is the inclusion of legendary New York producer, DJ Premier, whom he plans to record with later this month, Dre willing. "I didn't feel like it would be complete without a beat from DJ Premier, which I haven't been able to do my whole career," Game said. "I am a die hard DJ Premier f----n' fan. To be able to go in with him next week is Christmas to me man. Whatever he gives me, I am going to f---ing eliminate."

The 'R.E.D. Album' is scheduled to be released on Feb. 16. Sounds good so far.