The Game recently chose Twitter as his platform to discuss his issues with homosexuals, aka "buttpirates. "Aye! I gotta question: What kinda man let another man put his d--k in his booty?" Game wrote. "I'm just askin n--ga that s--t krazy tho. #buttpirates." He went on to defend his tweets, saying "Ain't no attack on gay people. Gay women, kool ! Ellen, kool ! D--k in the booty, not kool. It's a FREE WORLD, be GAY & be proud if thats ya choice.... But in the dook shoot doe ?????" What about a butterfly tattoo on the face, doe???? Just askin!!! [TheGame]

9-year-old Willow Smith has some original Halloween plans. "I'm going to be myself, and I'm going to go around the neighborhood saying, 'Do you like Willow Smith?' And then I'm going to be like, 'Ta-daa, it's me!'" And then I'm gonna be like, "Ta-daa, no candy!" [MTV]