Is Game keeping up with the Kardashians? Rumors have been sizzling that the rapper dated Kim Kardashian in the past and is currently cozying up to sister Khloe. The tattooed entertainer finally sets the record straight on both ladies.

In a BBC Radio interview, the 'L.A.X.' rhymer denied dating Kim although he did say that they went out to eat. "We went to McDonald's twice, pulled up in the drive-thru," he said. Does McDonald's count as a date?

According to TMZ, the two hooked up briefly in 2006. Either way, Game went on Twitter this weekend to give props to Kim and her new boo. Obviously this was his way of deflecting the rumors away from him. "Kim & Kanye are 2gether, they have a beautiful baby, Let em live," the West Coast native wrote.

As for Khloe, Game denounced rumors of anything more than a friendship in the same tweet. "Me & Khloe just kool, let her live. Creating lame s--- to drive blogs SMH," he continued.

Game admitted that he's known Khloe for 12 years and dated Kim for a "short while."

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