Looks like a trip to the jailhouse may land Game in the poorhouse.

A North Carolina court reportedly upheld a 2010 ruling against the Los Angeles rapper yesterday (Feb. 21), requiring Game to pay out $5 million in compensatory damages to five Greensboro, N.C. police officers, who claim that they were libeled and slandered in a DVD produced by the MC.

According to the suit, which was filed in 2006, Game, born Jayceon Taylor, and Bungalo Records produced and distributed a DVD entitled 'Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin',' which contained footage from a 2005 incident at Winston Salem's Four Seasons Mall, where Game was scheduled to perform.

However, when the controversial rapper and his entourage caused "a disturbance," the police were called to the scene, arresting Game for criminal trespassing, communicating threats and disorderly conduct.

A "heavily edited" film recording of the arrest was then included as a bonus feature on the 'Stop Snitchin'' DVD, which was made to appear "as though Taylor was wrongfully arrested," according to the court ruling.

Game must now hand out $1 million to each of the five arresting officers for compensatory damages. The officers have also requested $10 million in punitive damages, which will be decided upon in a new trial.

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